AXA – Trelock - Kryptonite

300 years of experience

The best of past and present to secure a bright and safe future

Under the umbrella of Allegion, we offer three A-brands specialised in bicycle safety, security and connectivity: AXA, Trelock and Kryptonite. Together, these brands have over 300 years of history in the Bicycle industry. With our own production facilities in France, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland, our integrated supply chain keeps total quality control during every step of the process, ensuring the highest quality standards in the market.

Strong and trusted brands in every market

That tradition, quality and expertise naturally pays off to your advantage. These brands hold top market in all markets. Anywhere around the world, end-users happily trust their aftermarket safety and security to either AXA, Trelock or Kryptonite. This means that whatever your target market may be, you can add value to your brand’s products by using our brands’ OEM security and safety products.

Excellent partner for OEMs

Either combination of these brands is an excellent choice for bicycle manufacturers. We know the bicycle market inside out, and are familiar with every step in the process. We have specialised in-house engineering teams that can adapt and customise our products to your specific products and brand or take your specific requirements and engineer from scratch. This combined expertise, support and engineering excellence of the three renowned brands are available to you through one sales channel.

Allegion: more than just strong brands

as well as the individual value from our renowned and trusted bicycle-specific brands, we offer you the support and security of an established multi-national.

Solid supply and logistics

Allegion is a leading global provider of security products and solutions, encompassing multiple brands supplying specific segments and vertical markets around the world. Allegion backs up each of its individual brands with solid and stable supply chain management, logistics, production management and quality control.

Your global partner

As such, we happily and confidently offer our partnership, regardless of where in the world you operate. We offer our in depth expertise and resources to our OEM clients with the aim to provide them with quality safety and security products, add value to their designs, products and brands whilst being easy to do business with. We believe our global footprint can make difference!

Global presence

The bicycle market is a global by nature, and many of our OEM clients operate on different continents and in different time zones. We’re dedicated to providing the bicycle market with quality bicycle safety, security and connectivity solutions, so it stands to reason that we operate globally to provide our OEM clients the best service and support.

Means local service in any time zone

To accomplish this, we operate where you operate. We have offices in Europe, Asia and the United States. In every time zone, we have staff dedicated to your business. That means we can promise our OEM clients that one of us is always awake and available to answer your call, and whilst we can take advantage of our global operations, we have that local sensitivity crucial to your success.

Means specialised local support

Operating globally does not mean being blind to the local. In fact, having experts with local experience on every continent allows us to quickly consult and solve problems no matter where you operate. We take pride in our knowledge of local business culture and use our expertise to be the translating element between local business cultures on all continents to set up streamlined supply lines supporting our globally operating OEM clients.

From our standard to your exclusive

On this website and in our OEM catalogue you will find a large selection of our products from our standard offer. But we do much more than just standard. In Europe, USA and Asia, we have in-house engineering teams specialised in bicycle lighting and locks, dedicated to adapt and customise our standard products and technologies to your specific products and needs. Anything to make your products and brand as distinguishing as possible.

Every bicycle needs safety and security, lights and locks, but no bicycle is alike. Our engineers are at your service to help producers create the optimal bicycle. Our locks and lights can be tailored to any individual needs. Our variety of brackets, cable lengths and connectors make it possible to create an optimal fit of light and frame, and will make assembly quick and efficient. As for our locks, colour design can entirely be adapted to fit your product and brand, and individual frame lock solutions can be integrated into your specific bicycle design.

From necessary component to distinguishing feature

To make a lock and light truly fit the design of your frame, adapting standard products may simply not be enough. Instead of forcing you to design a bicycle around its lights and locks, our engineers combine their expertise and our technology to design the perfect safety and security solutions around your specific bicycle and brand.

Together with our OEM partners, we can design and develop individual and innovative solutions that are fully integrated into your bicycle design. As well as performing a necessary safety role, often legally required, lights can often be an eye-catching feature on a bicycle, which means that a well-designed light can accent your unique design signature and brand identity.

The same goes for necessary security locking components. Our engineers can integrate our locks into your design. And aside from aesthetics, we help improve end-user experience by configuring the security components in your design, from a necessary evil, to a smart and easy-to-use, one key solution.

Environmental, Social and Governance

At Allegion, we understand how vulnerable the earth and the environment are, which is why we aim to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum with ambitious Environmental, Social and Governance targets. We have created three pillars to categorize the actions all ready taken and the plans and ambitions that lie in the near future. You can read all about it in our brochure wich you can download here.