Customized Solutions

We can help you with a custom made product, from lights to mechanical locks and to electronical safety and security.
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Show your brand identity

No bicycle is a like. To empower brands we help producers to create the optimal bicycle for them. Our locks and lights can be tailored to the needs of each individual brand. Sometimes you want a signature component on your bicycle. Something which clearly shows your brand identity.

The strongest innovation platform

We have multiple centers of excellence with dedicated engineers and industry specialists to bicycle locks, lights and IOT. What distinguishes us: an open mind for all ideas, complete answers, fast processes, tailor made and outstanding solutions. We are dedicated, creative and the partner of choice around the world.

Customized lights

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Lights are often an eyecatcher on a bicycle and offer possibilities for your own signature. Custom lights will give your bike that unique personal touch which can be an outstanding design element or nicely integrated into the frame of the bicycle.

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Customized locks

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We know the bicycle market inside out and are familiar with every step in the process. We have specialized in-house engineering teams that can adapt and customize our locks to your specific products and brand or take your specific requirements and engineer from scratch.

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