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AXA Juno serie

Minimum size, Optimal safety

The AXA Juno has a very minimalistic design, thanks to one of the smallest reflectors on the market! The AXA Juno can be powered by E-bike (6-12V), Dynamo or regular Batteries.

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Small rear light

Small rear light

The light is one of the smallest rear lights on the market. It is only 22 mm high and has an integrated reflector. The Juno can be mounted at 50 or 80 mm. All the Juno versions have the German and French approval and for extra safety you are visible from the side.



Last year we introduced the very small Juno rear light. The Juno has become a very popular light and this year we upgraded the E-bike Juno with a brake light function. A brake light function makes cycling in traffic more safe. This way you can see the bike in front of you slowing down, and the person behind you can see that you are slowing down.

The E-bike version can be connected to a 6-12V E-bike battery.



With the practical push connections the Juno can be connected to both side running and hub dynamo’s. Besides that, the rear light is also compatible with a 6V E-bike battery. It has a steady light function which ensures that your bicycle light keeps shining up to 4 minutes when stopping for example at a traffic light. This provides additional visibility on the road, even if you don’t ride!



The battery version works on two AAA batteries which are easily replaceable. The light has 50 hours of cycling pleasure. With the battery almost empty indicator you never ride your bike without a light. We have a version with an auto off function. This means that the light switches off automatically after 5 min. without movement. Ideal for when you often forget the turn off your lights.

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AXA Juno E-bike

<b>AXA Juno</b> E-bike

AXA Juno Dynamo

<b>AXA Juno</b> Dynamo

AXA Juno Battery

<b>AXA Juno</b> Battery

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