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AXA Nyx serie

Smallest integrated Z-reflector

We have a new, very compact fender rear light in our assortment. The AXA Nyx.

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The light has a special designed integrated Z reflector, which means there is no need to place a second reflector on the bike. The light with the reflector can be mounted under an angle of 15 degrees. This and the very flat design make sure it is nicely in line with the fender so it does not stick out. It can be mounted very easily with just one single bolt on the fender, or a clamp can be used to mount it on the seat stay. All the lights have French and German StVZO approval.

The Nyx can be powered by dynamo, E-bike or regular batteries.

Dynamo steady light

Dynamo steady light

The dynamo version has a steady light function. This feature makes the cyclist visible in stationary position. The light will stay on for 4 minutes when standing still. This provides additional visibility on the road.

E-bike brake light

E-bike brake light

The E-bike light can be connected directly to a 6-12V E-bike battery. We have a version with a brake light function. When the cyclist brakes, the light will turn bright red. It is always good for extra safety that the other road users can see what the cyclist is doing. This version works with an integrated acceleration sensor why you do not need any additional cables.

Battery version

Battery version

The battery version works on 2 AAA batteries which can be replaced easily. It has a battery low indicator and an on/off switch on the top of the light. The batteries will last for 70 hours! There is also a version with auto off function. This means that the light will switch off automatically after 5 minutes without movement. Ideal for people who often forget the turn off the lights.

Now available!

AXA Nyx E-bike

<b>AXA Nyx</b> E-bike

AXA Nyx Dynamo

<b>AXA Nyx</b> Dynamo

AXA Nyx Battery

<b>AXA Nyx</b> Battery

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