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Big tire frame locks

Because size does matter

More bikes are getting a wide frame or have big tires. On these bikes a regular frame lock does not fit. We have the solution for that! The AXA and Trelock big tire frame locks.

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75 & 92mm

75 & 92mm

We have 2 versions available. The Large with a 75 mm wide opening and the X-Large with a 92 mm opening. They all have a quite slim and clean design and are available in a retractable and non-retractable version. For extra safety both versions have the option to use a plug-in chain or cable. This way the bike can be secured to a fixed object.



The big tire locks can be mounted in several ways. Standard mounting procedure is with the screws to the frame. If there are no mounting holes in the frame, the lock can be mounted with the flexible strips. These strips fit on different frame tubes.

Keyed alike

Keyed alike

For best user convenience, we provide 1 Key Solutions with Battery Locks and Folding Locks. This way the user only has to use 1 key for 2 locks.

Available End 2021

AXA Imenso Large

<b>AXA Imenso</b> Large

AXA Imenso X-Large

<b>AXA Imenso</b> X-Large

Trelock RS 480

<b>Trelock RS</b> 480

Trelock RS 481

<b>Trelock RS</b> 481

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