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Battery pack locks

With the increasing popularity of E-bikes, battery pack locks are becoming more important, regardless of whatever kind of battery you have on your E-bike: an “In-Tube”, an “On-Tube” or a rack battery.

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Drive line manufactures

Drive line manufactures

For the Battery Pack lock it is important that you have a save, a solid and good functioning solution. Allegion is always looking for new and innovative solutions to stay ahead of the market. Over the many years we have developed a close corporation with all the main drive line manufactures, like: Bosch, Phylion, Bafang, Yamaha and Shimano.



Therefore we can bring you the newest solutions for each model year. One of our latest developments is “The new Bosch BES 3 Pivot Lock” Developed with the Bosch Engineering team this Battery pack lock is 100% integrated with the new Bosch BES3 System.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Outside of the standard solutions Allegion is the partner for customized solutions. With our international engineering team we develop customized solutions to fit each frame design.

We can make physical changes of the standard drive line battery pack locks for seamless integration into your frame design. We can change the color of the battery lock, for example we have the all black variants available.

And we have long and short key options, to access battery pack locks which are mounted more into the frames.

Keyed alike

Keyed alike

Allegion is your expert in Keyed alike solutions. Due to our own European production of Frame locks and battery Pack locks, Allegion is very flexible in all kind of key aliked offerings. A wide range of Frame locks can be combined with all the different types of battery pack locks which makes them suitable for any E-bike system and frame.

Outside of the frame locks the Key alike options also apply to; folding locks, chain locks and u-locks.

Now available!

Bosch Axial

<b>Bosch</b> Axial

Bosch Pivot

<b>Bosch</b> Pivot

Yamaha EX500

<b>Yamaha</b> EX500

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